From time to time, we record parts of our dances with our iFlip digital video recorder. We have some posted on our website, but I was at a loss as to what to do with the rest of them. I decided I might as well feature them here! So- enjoy, and look for more to come :)

This video features Loren and Stacey who staged a surprise first dance for their guests.


Congratulations Jason and Steph!

This Thursday, we headed to Lake Okoboji to help celebrate the wedding of Jason and Stephanie. We were doing the music for their ceremony and reception, as well as created a slideshow for them. Thursday was the rehersal dinner, which they kindly invited us to stay for. We stayed in Estherville on Thursday night and set up the reception hall Friday afternoon. We were keeping our fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate- it had been raining on and off for most of the week and the ceremony was planned to take place outside by the lake. As we set up around 4pm, the sky was getting cloudy and it was quite windy. We very nervously set up our equipment as the weather turned more threatening. A few sprinkles turned into a few more and then it started raining in earnest. All the guests ran for cover on nearby patios, and we stood outside trying to cover everything with garbage bags and keep things from getting too wet. After about 10 minutes of rain (felt like much much longer) The very kind staff at The Inn at Okoboji found us a canopy and we could finally relax with out equipment protected. We waited out the storm as there were blue skies behind it and started a little bit later than the planned 5pm start time. The ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch.

We moved inside for the reception which was equally lovely and we had a great time entertaining everyone. We stayed an extra hour because the reception got started quite late. We made the 2 hour drive home and arrived in Sioux Falls very early Saturday morning. All to get up and do it again on Saturday!

It really was a great experience for us- the couple's family was very kind to us and we felt very involved in their special day. They went oput of their way to tell us how much they appreciated us being there and what a wonderful day it was. The feeling was more than mutual. The staff at the resort was wonderful, all in all, it was a great few days and we enjoyed ourselves immensly.

We captured some really great photos- visit their gallery here


Tony and Chelsey

Kelly and Eric went to Eric's last training show before going out on his own this weekend, to Jackson, Minnesota. We performed for a crowd we are getting pretty familiar with. We first met them for Susie and Zach Lewis' wedding last August (we saw them again last night and they are expecting their first child in October!). Lots of people remembered us and we knew we were in for a good time. Everything went well, we showed our first slideshow which they loved and they ever asked us to stay an extra hour.

Check out their photo gallery here

The wedding season is off to a great start!


Seth and Stephanie

Last weekend Kelly and Wyatt went to Kelly's hometown of Cherokee, Iowa, for the wedding of Seth and Stephanie. Kelly's little brother was in the wedding, so we felt honored to also be included. Kelly was a little bit nervous for the 'hometown show' but everything went great. We got a ton of pictures, and hopefully helped create lots of special memories for the bride and groom.

Check out their photo album here


Long time since last update.....

Its been a while since we had any time to post. This doesn't mean we have had nothing to post- quite to the contrary, we have been too busy to update anything! The past few months we have been acquiring new equipment, new employees, and getting ready for a busy wedding season. We have welcomed a new DJ- Eric, who will start doing shows on his own in June, and 2 assistants- Jordan and Wyatt, who help with setup and take pictures during the shows. We have also added a new service- slideshows! We have gotten some cool new gadgets to present them and are putting the first shows together to present in June.

Please visit our photo gallery, which has several new albums:


Our slideshow gallery is up too- some of these are still being finessed:

My goal is to try and keep this more updated now that we have most things under control. On a personal note, Kristen's baby sister is getting married in October, and not only are we DJing, Kristen is the maid of honor, which presents its own amount of work- so we are seeing the wedding business from both sides this year!


Our first High School dance!

Saturday night, we headed down to Vermillion to play the Sadie Hawkins Dance at their High School. Kristen stayed home because we are training a few new people who will hopefully be coming on staff very soon. As promised, we debuted our largest system yet and it ended up looking great. The turnout was not great because there were lots of kids out of town for sports and other activities, but the kids who came were great and we had a lot of fun.

We have photos uploaded here:

Next Friday we will be back at the USF Student Union (one of our favorite places) for their Valentine's Dance. We always have a great time with them and they are a fun crowd.


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